What we do


We develop and provide innovative packaging solutions utilizing the latest technologies in the custom packaging industry. These innovative solutions include design, testing, thermoforming, contract assembly and distribution.


We provide engineering and design services from concept to reality in record time through the experience of our senior design team.


We simplify the supply chain complexities yielding solutions to move products and information more efficiently and effectively.


We help customers improve operating efficiency, reduce time to market and enable revenue growth through with our experienced staff and best practices model.


We offer our customers customized dashboards with real-time access to control and manage inventory status through our IT infrastructure.


We provide 3PL logistic management with fully integrated EDI services that provides product lot control, serial number tracking and compliance to retail routing guides.

Our Mission and Values


UCP’s first priority is to meet the unique needs of each customer.


We partner with each customer with goal alignment to meet and exceed our commitments.


We respect the importance of each team member’s contribution toward reaching our collective goal.


We are accountable to our customers for excellence in all aspects of our work.

Our Quality


Our Customers keep us in Business


Our Quality keeps our customers


Our Employees build our Quality


Our Quality Management System optimizes our business continuing to surpass Our Customers’ expectations