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“Quality Statement”

  • Our Customers keep us in Business
  • Our Quality keeps our customers
  • Our Employees build our Quality
  • Our Quality Management System optimizes our business continuing to surpass Our Customers’ expectations

We know the significance of measurement and how it helps control and run the business, we do so with the following tools

  • On Line Inspection Data
  • Wireless Tablet based, real time Data Collection
  • Custom Quality Control Forms
  • Customer Web based access to real time data
  • Data Retention meeting regulatory standards including FDA 21 CRR Part 11
  • Data stored permanently and safely in cloud storage on world-class secure, redundant infrastructure
  • New Product Introduction Phase Release Program

Quality begins with process design and we offer

  • Process Flow Mapping
  • Process Management Planning
  • Six Sigma Statistical Analysis
  • Closed Loop Corrective Action Process
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certificate Registration Number 10011959 QM08
  • C-TPAT compliant security